Intervention by the Regional Governor of Attica

at the BluAct Transnational Meeting

“Investment, new jobs, decent pay, promoting innovation”

29.08.18“The port of Piraeus is, in an extremely competitive environment, a port of significant size. It constitutes a factor that can make and will make the essentialdifference within the framework of our country's new sustainable growth model and the new strategy it requires,” highlighted the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, in her welcome speech during the BluAct Transnational Meeting, held at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus on 29 & 30 August, with the participation of representatives from the European Commission, the CPMR and the local Blue Growth community.

“The administration of the Attica Region is persuaded that the new sustainable growth model, which focuses on the Blue Economy, can be a guarantee for new jobs with decent pay,” she stressed. “To be a guarantee that will attract investment. So that we can turn the page and enter into the new era in which our country will recover its economic sovereignty and it is up to us now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. It is up to us to overcome the structural problems and persistent wrongdoings, the red tape and corruption” the Regional Governor of Attica continued.

The Business Innovation Centre for Blue Growth in Piraeus is being financed by the Region of Attica with EUR 1.8 million

Rena Dourou referred to the important initiative undertaken by the Region of Attica towards this purpose, in cooperation with the Municipality of Piraeus, “which supplements fully the BluAct Network.” This is “the Business Innovation Centre for Blue Growth in Piraeus, which is being financed by the Region of Attica with EUR 1.8 million.”

“A pioneering - at both European and national level - project of a developmental nature, aimed at promoting innovation and, most importantly, linking it to production and entrepreneurship in blue growth.” “An initiative that, like BluAct, aims to support young scientists and young entrepreneurs through the use of new technologies,” the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, remarked.29.08

About BluAct

BluAct is a Transfer Network of 8 European coastal cities investing in the Blue Economy (Blue Growth Initiative) within the frameworkof the URBACT III Operational Programme.


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