A more effective response is needed to tackle extreme weather events

24.08.18The ways to deal with tragedies such as the recent wildfires in Eastern Attica were at the heart of today’s meeting, which was held at the offices of the Region of Attica, between the Regional Governor, Rena Dourou and the U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

On her part, Rena Dourou has set out the establishing of direct and forward-looking initiatives, stressing that the meeting agenda was focused on some very important issues "relating to the Hellenic Diaspora's assistance to the affected areas in Eastern Attica" and also the contribution offered by the Logistics Center, which is a good practice recognized by the Council of Europe, in organizing solidarity for those affected in Eastern Attica.

Finally, the Regional Governor of Attica, in view of the Ambassador's reference to the particular example of California, stressed the need "for adopting a completely different approach than the existing one in order to tackle extreme weather phenomena caused by climate change in the future."

On his part, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, after expressing his deepest condolences, stressed the following: "I am aware of the importance of building a system to deal with similar situations in the future. I described to the Regional Governor the work we are doing with the State of California and the Greek American diaspora to make available technical exchanges between our Fire Services and the Fire Chiefs Association in the USA and the Greek Authorities. There will be a great deal of cooperation with the Greek diaspora, and in particular AHEPA."

Upgrading of joint initiatives in view of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF)

At the same time, during the one-and-a-half hour meeting, the issue of the increased participation of the Attica Region in this year's Thessaloniki International Fair, in which the USA is the honored country, was also discussed. “We discussed the need for further cooperation in relation to entrepreneurship, start-ups and clusters - areas in which the Region of Attica has achieved measurable results during the last four years, observed the Regional Governor. More specifically, we referred to the cooperation we can establish regarding the Film Office since the Region of Attica is the first region in our country that is ready to accommodate foreign audiovisual productions," concluded Rena Dourou.

On his part, the U.S. Ambassador also stressed that "we discussed some of the programs that the U.S. Embassy will be supporting during the TIF, such as programs for young entrepreneurs, to highlight areas such as entrepreneurship and start-ups."

The meeting was also attended by the Executive Secretary of the Attica Region, Kosmas Papachrysovergis and the Regional Vice Governor for the Regional Unit of Southern Athens, Christos Kapatais. The U.S. Ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, was accompanied by the Political Officer at the US Embassy, Amy Carlon and the Counselor for Economic Affairs at the US Embassy, William “Chip” Laitinen.

A video with the Regional Governor's statement after her meeting with the U.S. Ambassador can be watched, here.

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