Dear Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your Eminence,

I would like to start by thanking you all for honouring us with your presence here today, at the inauguration event of the European Office of the Region of Attica.

A space for fruitful dialogue in order to promote decentralized policies and deepen local democracy. I want to highlight this point because the only way to be successful in the future is through collective action, mutual understanding, coordinated activities, and by adopting a multi-partisan approach.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The presence of Attica, the most important region of Greece, in Brussels, in the heart of the EU decision-making centre, is part of a broader strategy of an outward-looking approach adopted by the Region of Attica.

It marks both the interest of Attica in being present and intervening at a European level and its desire for synergies, and direct, timely and effective interventions.

This will be shaped in the form of trying to win this challenge. Brussels can be of great help to us by assisting us in winning the challenge of entrepreneurship in the Region of Attica. And by this, I mean:

  • The promotion of new forms of sound, outward-looking entrepreneurship aiming to achieve sustainable growth and job creation is an objective that can be also achieved through the presence of Attica, by establishing this Office, here in Brussels, in the heart of the EU decision-making centre.
  • Our effort will bear fruit not only in Attica and in Brussels, but in many other European and non European cities as well, wherever new start-ups are being set up.
  • And by this I mean the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, the SlushConference held in Helsinkiand the DLD Innovation Festival held inTel Aviv.
  • In these important meetings, and I emphasize the word “important” because a participation in these meetings opens up new roads and perspectives for the creation of a friendly environment for the new forms of “entrepreneurship”, the Region of Attica is not alone. We have participated through the Regional Development Fund and through appropriate synergies with institutions, and chambers’ representatives, who are with us today, as the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Our goal is that the European Office of the Region of Attica will act as a connecting link for all these efforts.
  • Whether it be Barcelona or Helsinki or Lisbon or Brussels.
  • Our common objective is to find the best way to bring together the public and the private sectors, using as a catalyst the role of local governments.
  • The key components of the new growth model promoted by the Region of Attica are: synergies with all stakeholders, innovation, an outward-looking approach, attracting investment, promoting exports, job creation.
  • Are these enough? Definitely not. For this reason, we are establishing now the European Office of the Region of Attica in Brussels. A connecting link of our joint efforts.

Independent Office of International Affairs

Tel.: +30 213 2063 521, 529, 812, 668.
e-mail: oia@patt.gov.gr

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