G. Patoulis: "Your assistance in our long-standing struggle for reforms that aim to the national upgrading of the role of Local Government and its functional modernization, is valuable"

The 30 year anniversary event of the European Public Law Group foundation was attended by Attica Regional Governor George Patoulis, in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Presidents of  foreign countries and officials who are members of the European Group, and distinguished European law professors and public officials from Europe and Greece. The event took place at the Roman Agora in the historical center of Athens.

The Regional Governor of Attica pointed out that it is a special honor for Greece the fact that the European Public Law Group, a network of leading European legal scientists, university professors, high judges and academics has been established and based in Athens since 1989, and it has been essentially contributing ever since to development of Public Law in Europe.

Mr. Patoulis praised the significance of the European Public Law Group in promoting Legal thought internationally, and modernize the democratic functioning of the Institutions of Public Government.

Attica Regional Governor highlighted also the value of the scientific council's  contribution to the upgrading of the Local Government’s role in Greece.

“From this podium that I have the honor to be invited today, I would like to express my thanks on behalf of the Local Government of Greece, of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, and also of the Region of Attica, for your uninterrupted legal assistance with your valuable scientific advice, and the informative interventions of the council on the serious issues we face in the course of remediation of any deficiencies and pathogenicities of Local Government”, said the Attica Regional Governor, and called for the continued assistance of the European Group on the national effort to the necessary reforms of Greece’s Local Government .

Reforms that that should concern the responsibilities, resources, the organization of local government and the local government’s relations with other levels of public administration.Reforms which should aim at decentralizing and enhancing the financial independence of municipalities and regions. Decentralization by ensuring efficiency in service delivery and efficiency in the use of resources," the Regional Governor of Attica stated.

Mr. Patoulis thanked the European Public Law Group and the Scientific Council for their continuous contribution to the development of European Public Law "through research, comparative studies and the fermentation of legal thought, over three decades involving more than 70 countries" and added that he looks forward to the further common path of cooperation towards transparency, human rights, and the upgrading of Greece’s Local Government .

“It would be of great importance for us, your legal assistance in struggle for reforms that aim to enhancing the financial independence of municipalities and regions, to improving governance and operational modernization of Local Governance and to the upgrading Local Government’s personnel and the status of elected officials, "concluded the Attica Regional Governor.

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