“The Local Government will contribute to the national development reboot with Innovative, visionary and focused initiatives on serving the citizens’ needs”

At the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair the new Attica Regional Governor and President of KEDE G. Patoulis visited the kiosks of Attica Region and of the Central Union of Municipalities if Greece (KEDE), with the presence of regional governors and mayors all over Greece. During his meetings with members of the government, MPs and important business  actors the new Regional Governor of Attica discussed reforms that would accelerate the effectiveness of Local Government.

In his statements, Mr. Patoulis emphasized the following:

“The presence of Local Government at the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair is dynamic. The Local Government will contribute to the national development reboot with Innovative, visionary and focused initiatives on serving the citizens’ needs .We join forces with unity, composition and cooperation for the common effort to change the country "

During his visit to the TIF, the ne Attica Regional Governor  visited the kiosks of the Fire Brigade, the kiosk of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the kiosks of the Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, the kiosks of  several ministries and medical associations, and especially kiosks of the innovative and technological products,.

The new Attica Governor G. Patoulis was also present at the award ceremony of the Thalis Milisos Entrepreneurship Αwards which was held in the framework of the 48th TIF under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic. At the Geek Entrepreneurship Αward ceremony the US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt was also awarded for his contribution to the Greek economy.

At the event, Mr. Patoulis presented an award to  the Managing Director of the Athens Medical Group Dr. V. Apostolopoulos, for the contribution of the Medical Inter-Balkan Center in Thessaloniki to the Greek entrepreneurship.

"Today we award the entrepreneurs who despite the crisis have managed to create and strengthen healthy and extroverted businesses for the benefit of the country and the citizens," Attica Regional  Governor said.

Mr. Patoulis emphasized that the Government in cooperation with the Local Government and the healthy forces of society should support Greek business and contribute substantially to the expansion of jobs, in order to motivate young people to stay in our country. and stop the brain-drain phenomenon.

In this context, the new Regional Governor of Attica expressed his commitment, from his new position at the Administration of Attica Region, to support initiatives in this direction focusing on thematic tourism, such as health tourism, taking advantage of the comparative advantages of Attica.

"If we manage to achieve the decentralization bet on local government through radical reforms and move forward together in a strategic planning based on entrepreneurship - innovation - development, then the goal of restarting the country will be achieved,"

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