G. Patoulis: "Health protection of our kids and all children in Attica is our  priority"

The school year is starting in the coming week in Greece, and the new Regional Governor of Attica decided to implement his pre- election announcements to safeguard school hygiene and the pupils' health in Attica Region .

In his letter to all Directorates of Health and Environmental Hygiene of Attica Region, Regional Governor G. Patoulis asks for thorough sanitary inspections to be carried out in all elementary, nursery, preschools and infant schools in the Region.

In particular, as outlined in the Regional Governor’s letter, the sanitary inspections should include:

  • the sanitary status of the school complex (classrooms, backyard, public areas),
  • sanitary facilities (toilets - basins and sinks),
  • school canteens and in-school dining rooms

Mr. Patoulis requested to be informed in detail for the sanitary inspections’ results, by all Directorates through the Directorate General of Public Health and Social Welfare  of Attica Region.

The Attica Regional Governor stated :’

"Protecting the health of our children and ensuring that the school units meet the standard of Public Health safety for the accommodation of Attica pupils, is among our top priorities. Aiming to provide safe and secure school units for our children, I have asked the relevant Directorates of all the regional units to carry out thorough sanitary inspections , and to promptly inform me for any intervention should be needed".

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