G. Patoulis: "Safeguarding people's lives and property is our premier
priority, so we mobilized resources presently in collaboration with all
relevant bodies

Wildfire response efforts in Mea Makri, concerning Attica Region's
resources  were coordinated by the new Regional Governor of Attica
himself, who ordered the mechanism of the Attica Region to be fully
mobilized from the very first moments the fire broke out  in Nea Makri.

Employees from the Attica Region participated at the operation with more
than 10  water tankers, as well as vehicles and machinery. In charge of
the coordination of the Civil Protection team of the Region was the
Vice-Regional Governor Vasilis Kokkalis. The East Attica Vice- Regional
Governor Athanasios Avgerinos was also on the spot.

Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis expressed his satisfaction for the
Wildfire Response and the promptly mobilization of Attica Regions'
employees, and pointed out that the primary goal of the new
administration of Attica Region is citizens' safety.

"Employees and resources of the Attica Region have been battling the
blaze since the first moments the points of fire broke out. In
collaboration with the Fire Brigade, the Police, the Municipality of
Marathon, and with the coordination of the General Secretariat for Civil
Protection, we managed to set the fire under control . I would like to
congratulate the General Secretary of Civil Protection Nicos Chardalias
for the  coordination , and also the Vice-Governors Vasilis Kokkalis and
Thanassis Avgerinos, the Director of Civil Protection of Attica Region ,
Efstratios Davakis, the mayor of Marathon Stergios Tsirkas , the Fire
Brigade and the Greek Police. My special thanks to the employees of our
Region for their efforts and their immediate response to my call .
Attica Region will work closely with the government and we will jointly
shape the framework of safety and protection of people's lives in Attica
Region "

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