Decentralization policies should be a tool for better, stronger, efficient democratic institutions

20171108 lisbon speechThe Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou delivered a speech yesterday at Lisbon Web Summit, a leading event on new technologies, bringing together more than 60,000 people annually (politicians, scientists, young entrepreneurs). The Regional Governor of Attica participated in a debate on the need to decentralize economies, and she underlined that today, at a time when “racism and xenophobia are rising in many countries”, decentralization policies should be a ‘tool’ for “better, stronger and efficient democratic institutions”.

The Regional Governor of Attica stated, inter alia, that “today, perhaps more than ever there is a need to develop new tools in an inclusive way to the benefit of society”. “This is the goal for Europe, if Europe wants to be an agent of change, of progress and prosperity its peoples deserve today", added the Regional Governor of Attica, while she stressed that this goal calls for a new Roadmap “based, in fact, on a new way for making politics, a new way which would make politics an important matter for the people, especially young people, through the promotion of participative democracy, sustainable development, economic opportunity, equality and social justice”. The regional and local authorities could play “a leading role” for this kind of change of “the politics paradigm” by setting up a new road map thanks to “their structural characteristics”, namely the fact that they provide an administration which is both effective and close to the citizen because they know the real everyday concerns of the citizens and of the enterprises.

This is exactly the “stake” that “European regions in general and the Region of Attica in particular” have to address in an efficient and inclusive way. “It is our strongest belief that fighting corruption and reducing bureaucracy in all levels is the best way for attracting investments and reducing the time needed for their implementation”, pinpointed the Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou. “Therefore, in the Region of Attica we are working out a decentralized, inclusive model based on innovation, research, entrepreneurship and stimulation of SMEs”, added Ms Dourou. In closing her speech, the Regional Governor of Attica highlighted the importance of fora like the current one in Lisbon, to engage the discussion for the future of decentralization and regionalization.

Video of the speech delivered by the Regional Governor of Attica at Lisbon Web Summit available here.

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