“Poor management of waste causes not only environmental but also economic damage”

Dourou Vella 1

The potential of the circular economy, in relation to, inter alia, the need for a new, financially and ecologically fair and sustainable model of waste management was placed at the heart of the discussion between the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou and Karmenu Vella, European CommissionerforEnvironment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. The Regional Governor of Attica underlined that the Region of Attica is guided by the principles of the circular economy and the new prospects it creates at economic and social level. “These very principles are made to work for the benefit of the citizens and the society, as poor management of waste causes not only environmental but also economic damage”. “On the contrary, effective waste management can generate new sources of growth through creating wealth and jobs,” added the Regional Governor of Attica. Ms Dourou also made reference to the recent Report on Greece, in regard to the Implementation of Environmental policies by the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission. In that respect, Ms Dourou emphasised that the circular economy objectives would be achieved by overcoming “serious structural issues, as stressed in the Report”. The Report notes that in our country, the vast majority of municipal waste, namely 81% is still dealt with via landfill sites, while in the EU the corresponding percentage is 31%.

Dourou Vella 2

Finally, the Regional Governor of Attica had a working meeting with representatives of Italian Regions at the European office of the Region of Attica in Brussels.




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