Key points of an article bythe Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, in ANA-MPA, entitled: “A three-fold approach and a public initiative on Attica’s new regional development model”

  • The Region of Attica elaborates a new regional development model, as part of a wider strategy to promote entrepreneurship, openness and innovation towards sustainable growth and job creation.
  • This objectivepasses across a three-fold approach and a public initiative to support entrepreneurship.
  • The first dimension has to do with openness. The European Office of the Region of Attica in Brussels, the decision-making centre, can “contribute decisively to making the Region of Attica adopt an outward-looking approach, by building a chain of communication, exchange of information and good practices. Something which we seek through our systematic involvement to worldwide leading events on innovation and digital policy: i.e. the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv, Slush event in Helsinki. 
  • The Region of Attica was present at the aforementioned events, which thus enabled it to choose synergies — and this is the second dimension. We have selected various chambers of commerce and actors to be our associates/partners, such as the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, Enterprise Greece or the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies (HAMAC).
  • Exploring how to better join forces between public and private sectors, in which LRAs play a key role, is the third dimension of the aforementioned three-fold approach of ours. In this context, the Region of Attica has set up a cluster, thereby highlighting the Regional Unit of Northern Athens as a cultural-tourist destination. Thanks to the cooperation between the LRAs and the private sector, we aim at creating jobs and at supporting local entrepreneurship, by promoting our nature and history. 
  • The challenge for this new regional development model would lead to growth, not just “smart” but also sustainable and socially cohesive growth.
  • In this context, the Region of Attica launches a public consultation on the broad outlines of the Regional Operational Programme “Attica 2014-2020”, on the basis of which actions are to be taken to support entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the priority areas identified in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Region of Attica.
  • It is a multidimensional process of public consultation, which includes meetings with bodies and associations related to promoting entrepreneurship, and public events. The digital platform for Public Consultation (http://intro.attica-forum.gr/) has a key role to play, as it invites all these players - citizens, organisations and businesses - to contribute their ideas and proposals on entrepreneurship.

The full-length article appears on the following link:A three-fold approach and a public initiative on Attica’s new regional development model

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