This year’s edition of Agro Quality Festival, an annual event that ensures an organised presentation of goods produced in our country, the honoured guest region is Attica. This multifunctional region holds great potential for strengthening and upgrading the domestic primary sector. A perspective which proves to be a real challenge, particularly in the current demanding situation, in which the agricultural sector can and must act as a revitalising agent, contributing to both local economies and the recovery of our national economy.

In this light, the land of Attica, with its rich agricultural tradition and its high quality products becomes a key driver of growth. Indeed, a number of comparative advantages in Attica constitute the basis of a balanced diet: olive oil, wine, honey, figs, pistachios, vegetables, cheese and dairy products, meat products, eggs and fish products, as well as other valuable assets, such as floriculture.

These goods of a strong identity enhance potential for primary sector, whilst their values must not only be highlighted in any way, but also be improved and strengthened.

This year, the Region of Attica takes the lead in initiatives to promote and highlight the quality, the nutritional value and the uniqueness of Attica’s products. The 7th Agro Quality Festival and the 4th Greek Dairy and Cheese Festival are two such initiatives. 

We are present on all fronts, with targeted interventions aimed at enhancing the visibility, at improving the quality and at increasing the competitiveness of our agricultural products.

At the same time, the Region of Attica, taking into account the health of consumers and their right to quality products, exercises its monitoring role through continuous controls on the market.

The Region of Attica places small producers, young entrepreneurs, innovation and everything that develops and promotes the sustainability of their activities at the centre of its new development model. Prospects are to be increased by exploiting to the full EU financial instruments, by strengthening export activities as well as by creating synergies with all stakeholders. Through a new approach which respects the environment and the local ecosystem.

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