Address at the Wine Tasting Event
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to thank the 'Club of Economic Counsellors and Diplomats in Greece' (CECD) and 'Enterprise Greece', for their contribution to the organisation of this event.
In particular, however, I would like to thank you all for your presence here today, in this special place at this special meeting.
A meeting having at its heart Attica's vineyard and its varieties— one of the aspects of the rich tradition of Attica's land.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Region of Attica region is changing.

This change occurs through implementation of a dual objective.
To built, on the one hand, a new paradigm for the exercise of public administration, thus restoring the credibility of politics in terms of complete transparency and social accountability, focusing so as to target red tape, corruption and lack of clarity.

To participate in initiatives such as the initiative of the European Commission and Transparency International on 'Integrity Pacts'.

To lay the foundations, on the other hand, for a new growth model, making full use of the European funding mechanisms, with a focus on supporting SMEs, employment, innovation, start up entrepreneurship and attraction of investment.

Both of the above contribute to enhance Attica's qualitative and sustainable growth, attract investments, and re-launch the national economy.

As you might be aware, Attica accumulates 40% of the country's total population, and accounts for 50% of GDP.

In this context, a series of synergies with public bodies are taking place, such as the one with 'Enterprise Greece', and also events like today, bringing together the activities of the Region of Attica with its privileged interlocutors.

With You. The members of the 'Club of Economic Counsellors and Diplomats in Greece' (CECD).

This is how the Region of Attica understands the concept of outward looking:

in the form of a strategy that creates the conditions for the development of a healthy entrepreneurship, the attraction of major investments and the increase of exports.

Establishing opportunities for new markets.
Generating new, modern and dynamic jobs.
Creating, in other words, new prospects for businesses and citizens.
Paying special attention to synergies with all stakeholders in both the public and private sector.

Paving the way for cooperation, to leverage the development potential of Attica through research and innovation as well as the latest and most competitive forms of entrepreneurship, thus setting up a new production model whilst respecting the environment and the local ecosystem, the small scale producer, the new entrepreneur, modern technology and innovative knowledge.

To this end, in the framework of the implementation of the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy of Attica ROP for the 2014-2020 programming period, we are paying special attention to the fields of Creative Economy, Blue Economy as well as Sustainable Economy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Region of Attica makes clear choices.

We therefore attach utmost importance to the ideal designing of a strategy for tourism promotion.
In this respect, we have presented the integrated strategy for the tourism promotion of Attica, a unique tourism destination offering multiple opportunities almost throughout the year.
The strategic plan for promoting tourism in Attica for the period 2016-2020 has set out the lines of action over the next five years. It really is an inclusive plan placing emphasis on the comparative advantages of all the municipalities in Attica.

Because, Attica is not only Athens.
Tourism in Attica is a major stake, a national priority.
Not only regional.

However, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It should not be forgotten that Attica embodies multidimensional development.
It embodies the land of Attica.
It embodies support towards the development of primary sector, through combination of traditional memories, flavours and modern technologies.
Ladies and gentlemen,

Beyond its clear choices, Attica accomplishes a necessary paradigm shift, by creating the conditions for win—win synergies through the development of a new tool.
This tool renders the Region of Attica a lever of growth, an important attraction for investments, and a pole for modern entrepreneurship.
A key tool to promote the region's comparative advantage, with the aim of attaining social cohesion as well as employment creation within a renewed, modern business environment.

The establishment of Attica Region's Development Company, under conditions of full transparency and effectiveness, represents a breakthrough in relation to the past and a starting point for the future.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Attica, Greece and the European Union are facing today a multi-dimensional crisis bearing characteristics of a challenge.
Such a challenge cannot be tackled individually, by one region, one country, or one actor.
It calls for international cooperation.

We need joint activities in the framework of an extrovert-oriented strategy.
This is precisely the kind of strategy that the Region of Attica is pursuing.

We therefore invite you all to participate in this strategy, and that is possible only if we join forces to respond to global challenges in an efficient, productive, growth-oriented manner.
Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen,
We aim for those strategic alliances which would highlight our shared perspectives and address our common problems.
In this joint fight of ours, everybody has an important role to play.

And today's meeting can be the start for a fruitful continuity.
for growth, employment, quality of life, environmental protection, social cohesion.
through knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurial discovery, smart specialization, as well as detection of the real problems, strategic planning and reliable targeting,

thereby reflecting, the new paradigm of development perspective, in terms of social, environmental and political responsibility.

Independent Office of International Affairs

Tel.: +30 213 2063 521, 529, 812, 668.
e-mail: oia@patt.gov.gr

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