visiting the logistics center

The President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Mr Jean-Claude Frécon visitedthe Logistics Centre for the Management, Storage and Supply of Relief Items for the refugees and migrants earlier today. The Congress President - Head of the Council Delegation was accompanied by the Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou. The President and the Congress Delegation were given a tour around the Logistics Centre by the Regional Vice-Governor of Southern Athens, Mr Christos Kapatais.

The Regional Vice Governor for the Digital Agenda and ICT, Mr Panagiotis Athanasiadis, the Regional Vice Governor for Administration, Ms Elissavet Tassouli, the Executive Regional Councillor for Tourism Promotion, Ms Eleni Dimopoulou, as well as Mr Petros Damianos, Ms Aggeliki Leventi, Mr Miltos Efstathiades and Ms Maria Neroutsou, Attica’s Regional Councillors, also attended the visit.

Upon conclusion of the visit, the Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou stated inter alia:

‘The Logistics Centre is practical evidence of what local and regional authorities can do to address the needs of refugees and migrants, in cooperation with all relevant institutional stakeholders, the Government, the citizens as well as other agents.  Furthermore, synergies and common understanding among local and regional authorities, as well as among national governments and the European institutions, alongside NGOs and private initiatives, are a key prerequisite to create those conditions that will improve the lives of refugees/migrants whilst ensuring safety and cohesion for local communities’.


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