The Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou, and the Director-General of The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), Mr Vassilis Kilias, signed today a Memorandum of Understanding, setting out principles for closer cooperation between the aforementioned two institutions. The purpose of the Memorandum is to implement a comprehensible Energy Action Plan to make best use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) at local level as well as energy efficiency at regional level.

In particular, the Memorandum of Understanding gives a general outline of the cooperation between the two Parties, in which the CRES is about to provide technical and scientific expertise, thus engaging in:

  • Assessment of measures and initiatives for the promotion of RES and energy efficiency as well as the organisation of participatory processes with local stakeholders on the design of a regional plan of priority actions.
  • Estimation of the local potential for the exploitation of RES and Energy Saving, including the assessment of the technical and commercial potential of the Region of Attica, taking into account all relevant parameters.
  • Integrated actions for the energy renovation of buildings throughout the Region of Attica, which will lead to the design of an Energy Efficiency Plan with specific actions and targets to address energy saving, to improve energy efficiency and to introduce energy management systems.
  • Providing support services for all programmes prepared by the Region of Attica with respect to Energy Saving and RES.
  • Technical support in actions pertaining to information, awareness-raising and technical training in the field of Renewable Energies and Energy Saving.
  • Bilateral partnership and cooperation in the context of functioning, upgrading and extending the activities in the Park of ENergy Awareness that is developed by CRES at Keratea, Attica and is an innovative national project.
  • Support the Region of Attica in its role as the Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinator (CTC) and as coordinator of the actions developed in its territorial competence, in cooperation with local authorities and stakeholders.

The Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou, stated that, ‘By signing the present Memorandum of Understanding with The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) we lay the foundations for long-term energy planning in Attica. In this context, the promotion of energy saving and the best use of renewable energy sources form the central pillars’.

The Director-General of The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), Mr Vassilis Kilias, said in his statement that: ‘It is our duty and priority, as a national technology agency, to provide our scientific knowledge and expertise at the service of local and regional authorities, and to support their effort towards dynamic and balanced development of RES and energy saving’. 

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