Whilst discussing this issue at the Regional Council, the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, referred to the interventions that the Region of Attica has hitherto made on the refugee crisis, as well as the need for the central government to adopt a number of concrete legislative measures in order to yield effective and comprehensive results in this regard.
Following a discussion with the heads of regional groups on the refugee crisis on Monday 29 February, Ms Dourou appealed to establish an intergroup committee in order to pursue a coordinated approach to this matter. ‘The Region of Attica has already done much. We can do even more with an appropriate legal basis, with coordinated actions, with systematic work, yet without any flourish of trumpets or big promises’, underlined the Regional Governor of Attica.
As Ms Dourou stressed, ‘today we do not have the luxury of time or the luxury of impression-creating for some reason which is far from dealing with the matter’. The Regional Governor of Attica also referred to the recent creation of a Logistics Centre by both the Region of Attica and the Secretariat General of Trade, ‘in order, first, to protect refugees from any cases of speculation and profiteering, and secondly, to make the most of the citizens’ acts of solidarity towards the refugees’.
The Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou underlined that ‘in order for us to proceed to new interventions and take new initiatives safely and effectively - echoing the conclusions of the extraordinary meeting of the heads of the regional groups and the consensus that prevailed on specific issues - three points must urgently be addressed in this regard’. ‘Firstly the reform—completion of the legislative framework together with the parallel transfer of the corresponding resources from the central government to the LRAs; secondly, the need to recruit personnel in the accommodation centres; and thirdly, of direct concern to us, the establishment of an intergroup committee’.
Referring to the need for specific legislative reforms, the Regional Governor of Attica has tabled several proposals for the reformation of the Laws 4018/2011 and 4332/2015, the intention in so doing being to relieve their administrative and financial burdens on the management of the refugee crisis, and to deal with the emergency needs resulting from this situation (such as the transfer of refugees from the points of arrival or temporary residence to or from the temporary or permanent accommodation facilities, within or without their geographical limits, accommodation, food, health care services, etc). ‘The time is now ripe for the legal framework to change, as provided for in the Constitution, in conjunction with the transfer of appropriate resources. Only in that way will the Region of Attica, in cooperation with all stakeholders, be able to have the migrants transferred, instead of having them stowed in Piraeus’, underlined Rena Dourou.
The Regional Governor of Attica also pointed out that ‘The refugee/immigrant crisis is too serious to be a case for impression creating’; while she stressed that ‘no one should have a monopoly on sensitivity or knowledge on how to manage such a crisis’.

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