Extracts from Rena Dourou’s article in today's (30/7/15) “Αvgi”, titled “For the Central Committee’’:

  • We are neither in the late 1940’s nor in the 1960’s and it is beyond any doubt that the Brussels Agreement on the 12th of July 2015 has shaped a new political landscape: A “Before’’ and an “After” this important date.
  • The internationalisation of the “Greek matter”, the huge wave of solidarity towards the Greek people, the creation of cracks in the current dominating model of a Europe acting as a military camp serving exclusively the Fiscal Compact, are, therefore, indisputable facts. They are facts that have left a legacy for the future of the EU.
  • However, they are facts that do not alleviate the harsh reality of everyday life for our fellow citizens.
  • During the long and hard negotiations, we may have made some errors and shown an occasional lack of skills, but the Prime Minister was always sincere and took responsibility for the good of our country. Today, we are facing a very difficult task: to solve a very difficult equation.
  • This equation is the implementation of a programme that was imposed on us and is diametrically opposed to our vision. However, our vision cannot be built on unsupported generalities combined with a so called “anti systemic revolutionary stance”, without properly documenting our proposals, without serious planning and priced proposals with a sustainable perspective. Our vision needs to be built on hard work that should start straight away.
  • However, everyone knows that this is not a financial issue, but, primarily, an issue of political will and strategy. We need to have the will and strategy to pull our country out of the quagmire it has been dragged into.
  • Today, we cannot afford to abandon ship. We do not have the right to throw in the towel.
  • Therefore, we ought to negotiate, term for term, paragraph for paragraph, word for word, the implementation of a harsh agreement that was the result of a certain, negative balance of power in a European level.
  • This is the way to make Greece an islet of stability and growth, a bridge that will allow the EU to communicate not only with the unstable and unpredictable environment of the Balkans, but with the environment of the Southeastern Mediterranean Basin and the constantly turbulent Middle East as well.

The full article (in Greek) by Rena Dourou, Regional Governor of Attica, in “Avgi”: http://www.avgi.gr/article/5746017/gia-tin-kentriki-epitropi

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