Welcome Address by the Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou, on the European Maritime Day (Press Conference)

29 April 2015

The European Maritime Day, organised this year by the Municipality of Piraeus, is both an invitation and a challenge.

It is a call for the Region of Attica in general and the Municipality of Piraeus in particular, so that this year’s event becomes a starting point towards innovative, blue growth, having at its heart the ports and the coasts of Attica.

It is also a challenge, in order for the development model of the four major ports of Attica, i.e. Piraeus, Elefsina, Lavrio and Rafina, to address the pressing needs of an economy seeking urgently oxygen. An economy seeking urgently growth drivers which will lead to the creation of jobs. In this context, institutions such as the European Maritime Day focusing on Port Industry and Growth may provide reference points for a number of further actions. Holistic actions,   embracing as many activities as possible and therefore contributing to the development of coastal areas. Actions based on the evolving role of ports as centres of production, employment and innovation, while recognising the value of marine and coastal natural capital for the economy.

Achievement of this challenge requires planning, serious and systematic work on the basis of common technological and scientific synergies, with the participation of all stakeholders, i.e., the central government, the local and regional authorities, the professionals in all sectors involved, the scientific community and, of course, the local societies, through collectivities in that field.

There is therefore a multi-level, ambitious challenge ahead of us.

It concerns the present and the future, not just of one region, one municipality, or one professional group. It concerns the survival of the Greek economy and the way how ports and coastal areas may contribute to it.

It is a challenge that we cannot afford to miss.

As far as I am concerned, I am confident that it is a wager we will not lose.

We shall render blue growth a strong, credible asset, laying the foundations of tomorrow’s employment and environmental protection.

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